Building the network of Alumni, to create mutual bonding and relationship amongst the alumni group, to be brand ambassador of the institution, helping the development of the institution, spreading the name of the institution amongst the next generation.

Building a strong database of students who have passed out of the institution from its inception to bring them under one roof for sharing their experience, knowledge, capabilities amongst the members, students' community.

Conducting sports, cultural events, competitions in the school to promote the skills, sharpening of their mind, motivate, build confidence of the students and overall develop a healthy, competitive life.

Distributing medals, certificates of recognition to students who excel in arts, crafts, sports, academics and other co-curricular activities to encourage and motivate them to sharpen their acumen.

Creating opportunities for the students community to encourage participation in activities like public speaking, events management, entrepreneurship training, soft skill development, learning life skills.

Promoting events, functions which will talk about our heritage, culture, moral values, celebrating events like Independence Day, Republic Day, Teachers' Day, Children's Day.

Helping the students in mentoring and guiding through workshops, pep talks, seminars, lectures with help of experts amongst alumni members who are well established with rich experience, knowledge, talents in their respective fields.

Collaborating with Alumni network to conduct exhibitions, fair to promote and display Alumni entrepreneur skills, technical capabilities amongst the students' community of the school, parents, Industry.

Counseling by experienced alumni members to the students, parents who might need support in facing challenges as part of students' career path or while scouting for the right academic course for their wards or facing board examinations.

Connecting with our Alumni by developing a strong website, social media presence and giving regular updates on the developments of the association.

Providing financial or other support to needy students who are finishing their school or alumni members who are finishing graduation from their college, in form of scholarship, career placement after graduation, internship support during graduation or other support which will help them in their career path.

Helping to organize batch get together and foster friendship, harmony amongst alumni, their family members to connect back on the school campus and relive the fond memories.